Classic Stick It Strap – Red



– Rugged nylon strap material prevents ripping and tearing.

– Strap adjusts to fit on any standard-sized golf laser rangefinder.

– Hook and loop system maintains a tight fit round after round.

– Tapered design keeps activation/function button exposed.

– Two industrial-strength neodymium magnets withstand sharp turns, bumps and sudden stops.


Total Magnet Strength: 40lbs pull


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Measure your device to find the distance around the unit.

CLASSIC SERIES straps fit devices measuring: 6.75” – 8.5” [170mm – 220mm]

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × .5 in

2 reviews for Classic Stick It Strap – Red

  1. Allen

    This is a terrible product. Does not work. I bought the product fastened it securely with my range finder in it to the cart post and the first time I went over a bump the whole unit with my range finder in it fell to the ground landed on hardpan and my new Rangefinder is all scuffed up now and I almost ran over it with the cart. Product is a waste of money don’t buy it and they don’t have any kind of warranty or guarantee.



      We are regretful that you had a poor first experience with your Stick It magnetic rangefinder strap. Golf courses can offer a lot of obstacles that put our strap to the test. Dressing your rangefinder and placement of the rangefinder to various metal surfaces on the cart can also be factors that challenge our product. All of which are outside of our control. Hopefully you understand that these factors are the reason we do not warranty or guarantee against damage to your rangefinder.

      If you wanted to try our product again we would like a picture of how you have your rangefinder dressed and also offer a suggestion of using the steering column for placement instead of the roof frame.

      Thank you for the time you have spent making us more aware of your experience. If you would like to continue this conversation for any reason please reach out to me directly at

  2. Dave Dobranski

    I own 2 of the Classic Stick It Strap units. I stick it on the metal frame beside the windshield and have had no issues with the unit falling off. Since I got mine, I have noticed others at the club that have also purchased the unit. Very happy with the unit.


      Dave, we’re so happy that you’re so happy with the STICK IT Magnetic Strap! Keep an eye out for new designs down the line…and thanks for spreading the word around the club!

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